»Knowledge Connect is a cloud-based market intelligence and knowledge management tool delivering comprehensive insights about your competitors and business environment.«

Comprehensive competitor monitoring.

Track all your competitors moves and react quickly to changing market dynamics. Combine internal and external sources like Feeds, News-Portals or Charts to gain an comprehensive overview on your business environment.

Boost your strategic outcome.

Digitize and automate knowledge in your daily operations and alert your prime decision makers or analysts with E-Mail Alerts and Push E-Mails.

Quick access to most relevant information.

Through the smart search algorithm and its unique filtering options, Knowledge Connect allows you to gain access to most valuable information within a few clicks.

Make insightful decisions.

With Knowledge Connect all data is in one place. Share internal and external information across your entire organization and make your decisions based on up-to-date information.

Gather, enrich and share market information within your organization – anywhere, anytime.

Get your individual Knowledge Connect solution now.

Different companies have different needs. Knowledge Connect is available in six editions tailored to your specific needs.

Knowledge Connect
for small teams
EUR 99
per month

Out-of-the-box solution for up to 10 users

Use up to 10 News Feeds to monitor your industry

Supports up to 3 user groups

Takes only minutes to setup everything by yourself

Knowledge Connect
for corporate groups
EUR 1.500
per month

Customized solution for up to 100 users

Use up to 200 News Feeds to monitor your industry

Supports up to 100 user groups

Basic setup takes only minutes. We'll be glad to assist you with the proper configuration.

Includes Mobile App for iOS & Android

Telephone support during normal business hours