The highlights at a glance

Comprehensive competitor profiles

Using clear competitor profiles, you can get a comprehensive insight into the most important key figures of your competitors in just a few seconds. Never miss important developments again!

Automated newsletters

With our automated newsletters, you can create personalized newsletters in just a few clicks, which will automatically and precisely provide your team with necessary information in the future. This way, relevant knowledge is distributed automatically.

Classification by artificial intelligence

Thanks to our artificial intelligence specifically trained for your needs, the classification of your entries happens by itself. Save yourself the tedious scrolling through checkbox trees and let our AI work for you.

GDPR compliant

Of course, data protection is our top priority. All of your data is stored securely on our German servers and of course we do not pass any data on to third parties. In short: Our solution is fully GDPR compliant.


As a best-in-class solution Knowledge Connect provides innovative features to integrate, search, enrich and share information.

You already know what your looking for?


Organize all your information in one central place

Knowledge Connect allows you to gather extensive insights to your business environment. Integrate a broad range of external sources to the Knowledge Connect platform and combine them with your in-house knowledge to identify and adapt technological trends, monitor your competitor’s actions or gather insights on market developments, regulations or M&A moves.

Sources you will be able to use include
Charts, Graphs, Financials, RSS Feed, Reports, Brochures, Presentations, Profiles, Articles, Press-Portals… and many more.

Enrich & Cluster

Connecting knowledge owners to create actionable intelligence

Knowledge Connect provides a structured environment in which you can organize your users into groups such as business areas, market segments, regions or other classifications. You define which information is relevant for them.

Knowledge owners can comment, add or even rate information to enrich knowledge. Take advantage of collaboration features and make your decisions based on enriched intelligence founded on both structured and unstructured as well as internal and external knowledge.


Share the information your team really needs

Collect, manage, and share your knowledge with your team or other users. Automated newsletters, push notifications and e-mails enable you to quickly inform your target audience and to keep up to date with current developments.

Share information across different groups to connect them to relevant knowledge.

The unique Knowledge Connect Mobile App for Android and iOS allows users to stay informed and access important files and data anytime, anywhere

Best-in-class user experience and support

A portal the way you want it

Satisfied customers are our top priority. That is why we are always at your disposal. In addition to our responsive support, we provide videos, interactive guides and PDF instructions so that the answer your questions is just a click away.

Knowledge Connect Editions

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